Altieri – Edo

  • Release date: 2016-05-03
  • Label: Slow Motion Recors
  • Catalog #: Slomo024

Title: Edo

Artist: Altieri

Format: 12″

Style: Wave, Disco, Electro

Italy via Shanghai is the route taken for the debut E.P of Neapolitan producer Altieri, aka Eugenio Altieri. A designer living in Shanghai, Eugenio started to make music back in 2004, mixing music and visuals to create  his “weirdo production” sessions. After traveling east he founded the DesToys duo, a live project that channelled space disco and 80s commercial music.

Edo is a personal view over the modern Asia, Japan in this case. Inspired by the street sounds and bugged out day to day world of Tokyo his debut EP is four tracks of slippery head music. Chiseled from the deep seams of an intergalactic mine and informed by the dark heart of house and no wave disco this is club music from the oily underbelly. viagra