Heinrich Dressel – Space Wave Shaft

  • Release date: 2016-11-20
  • Label: Slow Motion Records
  • Catalog #: Slomo 027

Title: Space Wave Shaft

Artist: Heinrich Dressel

Format: 12″ vinyl limited to 300 copies

Style: Soundtrack Serie

For the fourth edition of Slow Motion’s Soundtrack Serie we welcome Heinrich Dressel, better known as one part of Minimal Rome. Space Shaft is three tracks of dreamy, sleazy space-funk delivered with a light touch across expansive musical horizons. Backed up with a brace of Ma Spaventi versions – both ‘disco’ and ‘chill’ Space Shaft is a record for movie fans and dancers alike. “

All tracks written and produced by Valerio Lombardozzi – Wah guitar on “Insight Outsight” by Ico Fedeli – Mastered by MaSpaventi – Artwork by Emilia Gaglione