Italian Dance Wave Disco Quattro

  • Release date: 2015-11-05
  • Label: Slow Motion Records
  • Catalog #: Slomo 022

Title: Italian Dance Wave Disco Quattro

Artist: Various Artists

Format: 12″ vinyl limited to 300 copies

Style: Disco, Funk, Italo



Disco Tre and Quattro in the Italian Dance Wave series contains tracks from Brioski, Discodromo, Fratelli Riviera, Le Macchine, The Rimshooters, Mushrooms Project, Dj Rocca, Billy Bogus. Focusing on Italian artists who release Italian flavor music. These are hot plates that are not to be missed!

From Comos Las Grecas:

“Opening ‘Italian Dance Wave Disco Quattro’ in Slow Motion Records with the duo resident in Berlin of The Rimshooters, formed by the Italian producer of Massimiliano Pagliara, with a long and respected career and 2 excellent albums for the label of Live At Robert Johnson, and the producer with Brazilian origin of Rotciv, founder of the label of Mister Mistery, and those who have ‘Dear Mister’ full of dreamy melodies, magic, space atmospheres and touches of disco and space bubbles for a brilliant trip.
The next cut comes with another master, Billy Bogus aka Niccolò Bruni, long since not heard new compositions of this great producer, co-founder of the label Pizzico Records, and in 2011 he signed his bright debut album of ‘Night Moves’ on the british label of Nang Records, and now presents ‘Bass’, blunt cut, analogs full of epic and spatial atmospheres, raw bassline, energetic, consistent percussion and voices which pull the cut for its splendor on the dance floor.

For his part, Brioski aka Claudio Brioschi, who lately is very focused in the project of Boot & Tax along with Cristian Croce, returns as Brioski, his project more disco, and that in 2012 published his debut album of ‘Hype Nothing’ on the british label of Nang Records, and from 2013 with his EP for the label of Throne Of Blood not published new EP, and here presents another amazing composition called ‘Bump’, a cut with a frenzied, energetic and hypnotic rhythm, sounds of the 80s from the analogue take command of the spaceship, a strong bassline accompanies the trip with neon lasers that will illuminate the way.

And finally, unclassifiable italian duo of Mushrooms Project, formed by Giorgio Giri & Marco Lentano, with those closest to the balearic and psychedelic sounds, they signed a brilliant debut album in 2013 for the label of Leng with ‘Undergrass’, and now present their new trip, amazing trip, called ‘Its’ with 8 minutes, with these classic guitars of the duo, cosmic synths and a totally hypnotic rhythm with touches of krautrock, kosmiche and psychedelia, a progression and development, which as it is usual in the duo, is bright, maintaining attention and tension throughout its duration.” viagra