Marcello Giordani – Orizzonti

  • Release date: 2018-01-16
  • Label: Slow Motion
  • Catalog #: SLOMO037

It’s been a while since Marcello Giordani last release.
Now the man who powerfully relaunch the Italo sound in 2008 with the acclaimed blog Italo Deviance is back on the scene after 2 years of hard work and research into the deepest and obscure Italo sound.
This 6 tracks LP (+ 2 tracks out on Cassette only), travel through again into the unique sound of the early 80’s Italo Disco built with spacey analog sounds, some cheesy atmospheres and a touch of primitive Trance chords. Marcello’s taste is very clear and specific when we speak about Electronic Disco and this LP is totally inspired by artists like Farina/Rago, Sangy, Alexander Robotnick, Alessandro Novaga, Doris Norton and also from his experience collecting and playing this shit during the last 20 years.
If you want to give a name to the style of this LP, call it “Organic Italo”.

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