”Nuovi Orizzonti” Reworks

Available on 13th of may

Pre-order of Nuovi Orizzonti Reworks. You get 2 tracks now plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

Since the very first time we’ve hit the play button on ‘’Nuovi Orizzonti’’ (translated: New Horizons), we instantly fell in love with it.
Originally released towards the end of 2019, Armonics synthetic dream album is now getting a refresh by Slow Motion’s most established artists. Slow Motion is very proud to present these six sophisticated remixes as: “Nuovi Orizzonti Reworks”.

Nuovi Orizzonti (Altieri A.I. Version)
Nobody less than Shanghai’s based producer Altieri takes you on a musical journey with his remix of “Nuovi Orizzonti”. An eight minutes cosmic trip, built around the lo-fi dream sound of the first Armonics track on the album. Altieri is known for his combination of human/machine recordings, and modern/retro music mixing technologies.Cyber Space (Franz Scala Remix)
Franz Scala is no stranger to heavy dancefloor hitters, he takes on “Cyber Space”
and puts it in a brand new jacket. His up-tempo remix with raw basslines combined with analog synths blend it together into the perfect peak time dancefloor filler.

Digital Soul (Sauvage World Reversion)
The duo Sauvage World takes on the third track with a remix that will make you bounce from the first second. Known for their heavy synth disco sound, they created their very own version of “Digital Soul”: lovely synth oriented kissing driven electronic jams.

Beyond The Walls (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
Fabrizio Mammarella has given ‘’Beyond the Walls” a dancefloor oriented
refresh. An energetic new version with pulsating synths and heavy bass lines that
immediately makes you feel like you’re back into a nightclub.

The Land Of Reverse (Alessandro Parisi Remix)
Alessandro is up next with his hypnotic remix of “The Land Of Reverse”. Slow acid lines float through the track and seize your curiosity to extend in an ecstasy of synths that makes this track highly compelling.

Transcendence (Daniel Monaco Remix)
Daniel Monaco has translated his musical vision into a lovely remix of “Transcendence”. A track that immediately gets your head spinning. His combination of vintage cosmic sounds makes this remix the perfect ingredient for every summer party.


Pre-order here on Bandcamp

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