“Here’s my dark ironic 99% italian journey of yesterday at Beats In Space , from The Mystic Jungle Tribe to few unreleased tracks like the fantastic Claudio Brioski coming up on Slow Motion , Pietro Autre Caprioglio and the tough man Curses on NOTHING NYC , to italian late 90′ and early 2000′ techno gems mostly from that specific sound of ROMA, masters like Leo AnibaldiGiorgio GigliMarco Passarani , Lory D and my man Alessandro Adriani Mannequin (Label + Mailorder).
All tossed with vintage vocal samples , poems, esoteric messages , the incredible Matteo Vallicelli released on Captured Tracks , Pinkman fellas Roberto Auser and the only Philip Glass.

We ended in a great chat about Immigrant rights.
Buon ascolto e Grazie Mille to the NYC landmark Tim Sweeney .

Tiberio Carcano and Rocco Fusco after almost 10 years it was great to see you there at Beats In Space boys ! ” – CIT

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