Slow Motion Showcase with:

Altieri (Live) – Fabrizio Mammarella – Franz Scala

02.08.2018 from 00.00 to 07.00

Garbicz Festival 2018 – Nichts wird von alleine gut!

Behind a door crowned by two unicorns, a land out of the time opens itself for a special journey. Garbicz festival offers an atypical course within the contemporary cultural world – a transformational, non-commercial and ecological festival, conceived by a small assembly of backpackers, willing to offer multi-faceted experiences, where music is understandable as a bind between all of the participants of this adventure.

►► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/garbicz_festival/

Tickets are available through our online Ticket Shop at

Ticket Price is 300 Euro and includes:

– Getting you there & back home again
Leave you car at home and travel savely: Free bus shuttle from Berlin Ostbahnhof directly to the Festival Site and back again, worth 25 Euro

– Some Bread & Bones
Starter Pack of Garbicz Festival currency for purchasing all tasty and tipsy stuff from Garbicz Festival bars and food stalls, worth 80 Euros

– The GF Festival Ticket
Your pass to Garbicz Festival Grounds including some fine space for your tent and free access to drinking water at all times, worth 195 Euro


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