Being committed to contemporary dance music inspired by the 80s for more than a decade Franz Scala’s has made a big impact on Berlins night culture. Playing his part in diversifying it beyond the boundaries of the dominant city music spectrum. Doing so by infusing a fresh mix of retro-futurism into the  club-culture weaving together sounds of proto-house, wave and italo as DJ and Producer.

After uncountable EP releases, Edits and Remixes the diligent Franz Scala released his long awaited debut LP “Mondo della Notte” in December 2020. The dense album is obviously produced to be played on the many dancefloors in Berlin and all over the world, unfortunately the release date fell in the middle of a peak of the pandemic developments, so most clubs had to be closed at this time. As the nightlife is slowly getting out of lockdown now the timing couldn’t be better for a repress of this 2 LP full of bouncing italo-inspired dancefloor bangers.

The genre bending LP further discovers the relationships between Scala’s influences over the years (Wave, Industrial, Italo, Disco, Proto-House, EBM). All these influences are orchestrated beautifully on this LP and in their combination unlock a whole new world of sound atmospheres and sound experiences, always linked to the Mondo della Notte, the nightlife. Or how Groove magazine would put it: Mondo Della Notte builds up upon Franz Scala’s signature sound. The 8-track LP combines straight basslines of italian dance music of the 80s with cosmically hovering synth-compositions housemade by Franz Scala.”

As expected this wonderful LP was quickly sold out when released. But no worries it is now being repressed. You can get it on the known channels: Bordello A Parigi, Slow Motion and all the main vinyl-selling Websites. Also it is not only available as the 2 LP but each half of the album can be bought as a single EP too. So buy it fast before it is sold out again and enjoy your personal journey through Franz Scala’s Mondo della Notte.

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