Dimensione Volume Due

    Slow Motion Presents: "Dimensione Volume Due"  Twelve essentials tracks from the catalogue selected by our team member Joe Banana...

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BIS Radio Show #937 with The Real Cristiano?

"Here's my dark ironic 99% italian journey of yesterday at Beats In Space , from The Mystic Jungle Tribe to few unreleased tracks like the fantastic Claudio Brioski coming up on Slow Motion , Pietro Autre Caprioglio and the tough man Curses on NOTHING NYC , to italian...

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Wrong Era is Back!

” Spaced out timeless grooves, set in an era that time forgot.. ” Wrong Era is back… with Cosmo Vitelli (I’M A CLICHÉ) – Pardon Moi *Live (Höga Nord Rekords) – Odessa (Bordello A Parigi) – Franz Scala (Slow Motion, Wrong Era). Graphic by Guillaume Jolicoeur.
New venue –> Diskothek Melancholie 2

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Gallo - Winging  Marcello Giordani DJ - Affari Italiani  System Olympia - Call Girl System Olympia - Close To My Nebula Armonics - Human Heinrich Dressel - Space Wave Shaft Altieri - Sayoko Francisco & Cosmo - System...

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Franz Scala interview about Slow Motion x Soundwall Italy

Sono diverse le etichette discografiche nate e concepite per rispondere a precise esigenze di tipo creativo, e Slow Motion è tra queste. Partita nel 2009, annus horribilis per quel che riguarda la musica pressata su vinile, si conquista la considerazione e il rispetto di una platea sempre più ampia in virtù di…

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Italian Dance Wave Asia Tour 2015

ITALIAN DANCE WAVE ASIA TOUR 2015  F.U. 13.11 Dada Club - Beijing (China) F.M. 13.11 Craft - Shanghai (China) F.M. 14.11 Urvc - Shanghai (China) F.U. 20.11 Studio Lam - Bangkok (Thailand) F.M. 21.11 Tag - Chengdu (China) F.U. 21.11 Mellow - Bangkok (Thailand) F.U....

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