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It had been raining incessantly for months now, the streets seemed desolate as if the locals had abandoned them, opting instead for the safety of their own homes. The sky was eternally overcast and gloomy, but in downtown the bright neon signs of the shops lit up the neighbourhood in fluorescent pinks, blues and greens. Here, the mood was different, the people were hopeful. In swathes, the inhabitants walked the vibrantly illuminated streets, filling them with laughter and enthusiastic chitchat. There was no point mourning, life was too short for that. 

Slow Motion’s sister label Wrong Era welcome Pardon Moi to the family AKA Berlin-based duo James Brook and Thomas Freudenthal. The pair produce three original tracks of new wave aimed directly at the dance floor – our favourite is label manager Franz Scala’s Italo twist on the title track. 



CAT NO – WE009

TRACKLIST: A1 Rodeo Star – A2 Rodeo Star (Franz Scala Remix) – B1 Faster Moving Traffic – B2 Happy Song

Do not miss the Pardon Moi “Rodeo Star” Release Night at Diskothek Melancholie 2 -> Saturday 13 of April! Facebook Event

This is going to be a big, huge one. On this night, the magic sensation duo Pardon Moi is going to celebrate their killer 12 Rodeo Star, coming out on Wrong Era label at the end of April and of course perform it LIVE, with the energy and incredible talent that you know. Do you remember the massive hit Rodeo Star that you’ve heard in half festivals last summer? Yep, it’s on this one. In addition to this, our friends Ciara & Boris will warm up the fridge, Thomas Freudenthal (half of Pardon Moi) will provide us with an introductory DJ set for the Live show and the long-awaited comeback of Franz Scala will complete an already perfect night.

Venue –>
∆∆∆ Diskothek Melancholie 2 ∆∆∆
How to find Wrong Era at Diskothek Melancholie:
the entrance is on Brückenstrasse 1 next door to KitKat Club.
Cross the KK queue and enter the Späti, open the secret fridge-door and discover the world of Wrong Era!

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