Marcello Giordani DJ – Advanced Process

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Release date: January 27th 2023
Label: Slow Motion

‘Advanced Process’ presents itself as a distinguished LP, oozing with Marcello Giordani’s innate talent to evolve the classic Italo Disco sound into consistently ear catching productions of the future.

With a warm welcome from the shimmering synths of ‘Morning News’ and a defined, driving bassline, you know you are safely sitting in Giordani’s passenger seat.
Crisp, analog drum machines and glistening synthwork are a constant.
Giordani captivates you with compelling arrangements and considered hints to electro in the likes of ‘Metamorphosis’. Powerful vocals from Fred Ventura and Ready In LED feature on the two alluring singles ‘Mysterious Calls (In The Night)’ and ‘Fase Rem’. Encapsulating, intelligent acid work is heard in ‘Forbidden Pleasures’. Marcello’s clear love for analogue authenticity is at the forefront of this LP.

Delicately positioned arrangements and intelligent melodic pay offs in tracks like ‘Terza Classe’ are a plenty. A seasoned knowledge and intuition of the nature of the nightclub is apparent with the energy sustained throughout ‘Advanced Process’. A beautiful melt of golden era Italo Disco and Detroit Techno is heard in the sweltering melodic brilliance of ‘Via Mecenate’.
The title track is an immersive journey preparing you for the final side of the LP.
Sizzling keys and pulsating basslines drive this record making it hard to lower the volume. The dazzling, ethereal chimes of the final track ‘Aperitivo In Gracia’ are enticing and filled with picturesque mediterranean imagery.

Being no stranger to the inner workings of a packed out dancefloor Marcello Giordani delivers an immense, infectious LP. ‘Advanced Process’ truly lives up to its fitting title.



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