Discodromo – Stars and Rain


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Release date: 2011-01-17
Label: Slow Motion
Catalog #: SLOMO003

From the beating Latin heart of the modern disco world, Discodromo join us for their first Slow Motion release and our third overall. With two original tracks and two stunning remixes this pair of cheeky italians first bring us the laid back charms of Stars and Rain featuring the vocal talents Miss Plug In. Strutting funk and cascading synths are the order of the day on this taut laser workout. With a bitterest melody and relentless drums, this is a cinematic excursion into 10am disco music. Miss Plug In’s blank eyed vocals are one part Rimini, to two parts Berlin giving the track a hazy, druggy feel that will work like magic on the even the most demanding dance floors. Next up is Etzel reminiscent of Yello and YMO, an epic disco workout that begins as something you may hear at a Balearic beach party, before the beat drops and it’s hands in the air and feet on the dance floor for a very modern take on the Italo sound. Remixes come courtesy of Club Silencio who turn in a dirty house mix of Stars and Rain, complete EBM flourishes that may or may not be a Nitzer Ebb sample. Stripping things back to the bare essentials and then bringing in their own percussion and samples, Club Silencio cut up the vocal for a very hypnotic effect. Label boss, and hardest working man in disco Franz Underwear turns in a peak time club version of the track, with a nod to the underground disco clubs of Berlin.

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