Fringe Society – The Art World

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Release date: February 16th 2023
Label: Wrong Era

Fringe Society makes an accomplished return to Wrong Era with his otherworldly album ‘The Art World’. We are invited into his delicately sculpted soundscape through abundantly transcendent tracks.

With a rich, analogue welcome from ‘Mondo Dell’Arte’, ghostly vocals filled with tantalising longing accompany this appropriate entry point for the LP. The tight arpeggios are a perfect anchor for the magnetic, alluring vocal lines. Beautifully phased synthesis on ‘Alexithymia’ cries out across the crisp instrumentation. Cascading, dystopian tones are delivered throughout, and artful harmonic dissonance can be heard in ‘Venom In Spurts’. ‘The Art World’ is brimming with this trademark approach to vivid imagery and powerful rhythmic pacing.

Intelligent odes to EBM and Proto House hit you on ‘Enigma Body Music’. Fizzing vocals and vast sound design add to this album’s fluidity. You cannot help but be stunned by the exciting, energetic twists and turns throughout this LP. The percussive work is unparalleled and creates an unstoppable drive across all tracks.

‘Arthur Ave Rules’ presents itself as a menacing peak-time triumph. The slicing, metallic motif swells and evolves throughout. A perfectly placed rimshot adds grounding to this sweltering track. The last section of the record leaves you yearning for more of the cinematic brilliance of ‘The Bird Perspektive’ and the percussive, chiming floor filler ‘Frederike’s Summer’.

This release transports you to one of Fringe Society’s mesmerising live sets and a dimly lit Mullholand overlook. ‘The Art World’ embodies his consistently slick approach to production and breathtaking sonic atmospheres. A true force to be reckoned with.



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