Iitalian Dance Wave – Disco Tre


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Release date: 2015-11-05
Label: Slow Motion
Catalog #: SLOMO021

Disco Tre and Quattro in the Italian Dance Wave series contains tracks from Brioski, Discodromo, Fratelli Riviera, Le Macchine, The Rimshooters, Mushrooms Project, Dj Rocca, Billy Bogus. Focusing on Italian artists who release Italian flavor music. These are hot plates that are not to be missed!
From Comos Las Grecas:
“Opening ‘Italian Dance Wave – Disco Tre’ in Slow Motion Records with the Italian duo and residents in Berlin of Discodromo, formed by Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco, founders of the imprint of CockTail d’amore Music and that for this new compilation presented ‘A Come Andromeda’, we went aboard the spacecraft, the ship of the time of Discodromo to retrieve the sounds of the 80s for a journey through outer space towards Andromeda, cosmic synths direct us on the trip accompanied by a female voice with all the aroma of the 80s, amazing track.
Fratelli Riviera, el proyecto de Michele Tessadri, italian producer and resident in Berlin, an member of Jadoo and The Heels Of Love, here presents the second cut of the compilation, an artist who has published for the label Bear Funk, and that now with ‘Falling’ leads to smoother 80s, a cut with romantic and sweet aromas, a fluid composition, delicate and tender.
One of the Italian masters, the veteran and prestigious producer of Dj Rocca aka Luca Roccatagliati, the man who is immersed in countless projects (Ajello, Crimea X, Jadoo…) or collaborations with Daniele Baldelli or Dimitri From Paris and for this compilation presents ‘Backery’s Track’, a composition full of synthesizers with the pure sound of the 80s, detailed percussions, and the quality of this producer to compose and complete a track, delicious and beautiful composition.
And completing the compilation with the Italian supergroup of Le Macchine, formed by prestigious producers of Cristian Croce (member of Boot & Tax, The Barking Dogs), Luca Saponaro (co-founder of the label of Mad On The Moon and member of Love Supreme, The Heels Of Love) and Nicola Mazzetti (member of The Barking Dogs), presenting here a pump for the dance floor, an orgy of analog sounds with ‘Greg’, more than 6 minutes in which analog machines began their battle of sounds, sounds raw and rough, with its developments and modulations to create this hypnotic and dark dark, killer.”

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