V/A – Italian Dance Wave Disco Sette


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Release date: June 2019
Label: Slow Motion
Catalog #: SLOMO042

Summer is coming sooner this year, and you can tell from the heat of the two latest releases from Slow Motion: yes ladies and gents, Italian Dance Wave Compilations are back! The first of the two, “Italian Dance Wave Disco Sette”, is here to delight you: starting from a half Italo and half Asian influenced Altieri track, killing it with a dancefloor belter that will make you sweat the night away, raving sensations guaranteed. Lukebox (Fabrizio Mammarella and Umberto Saba from the duo Loudtone) will serve you a slightly more downtempo, modular, weirdo beast that will make your head bang without you even notice: banger. Back on your turntables, is also Robotalco who is providing some proto-house extravaganza and adding some charme to the dirty, chunky beats of the compilation. Last but not least, José Manuel, delivering a touch of biting deep house and electro tribal feels to close the gap, and make us scream “hell yes”.

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