Lorella Cuccarini – La Notte Vola (Fabrizio Mammarella Lullabye Edit)

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Release date: December 28th 2022
Label: A Ufo

‘Slow Motion / Wrong Era label head Fabrizio Mammarella gives ‘Lorella Cuccarini’s’ ‘La Notte Vola’ a sophisticated, powerful lift with his unmistakable approach to heavy-hitting, infectious productions. Mammarella’s distinctive laser plucks instantly propel this edit into action.
Maintaining the charm of the original, he adds respectful weight to the authentic instrumentation. ‘Lorella Cuccarini’s’ electric nature is beautifully preserved.

The 1989 Italo Disco classic is in Mammarella’s safe hands from start to finish. A unique gift for consistently compelling arrangements shines through in this edit. The original energy is elevated by giving the mix a crisp touch and pushing the percussion. Fabrizio Mammarella appropriately dusts off ‘La Notte Vola’ undoubtedly creating a floor filler that delivers on all levels.



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