Ma Spaventi – Tornerò

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Release date: March 17th 2023
Label: Slow Motion

Ma Spaventi makes a slick return to Slow Motion Records with the captivating ‘Tornerò’.

Descending arps trickle into ‘Tornerò’ from the get-go. Vocoded vocals flutter through the masterful mix, weaving into inviting synth swells. Defined drums are firmly felt across this record.

‘Non Ce L’Hai Solo Tu’ is a Detroit-infused, fierce floor filler. Layering vocoder motifs with crisp synth stabs make for many a euphoric payoff. The intelligent entwining of electro, early Detroit house and Ma Spaventi’s effortless earworms are plentiful. His gift for haunting, strong melodic intonation is prevalent in ‘Costa Brava.’ A grounded, growling bassline rasps throughout the track, reeling you further and further into this whirlpool of brilliance.

‘Tornerò Reprise’ closes this magnificent EP beautifully. Whispering vocal lines are hauntingly blended with synthesiser noise, keeping in line with the swells across the record and resolving the first edition of ‘Tornerò’ with a more acidic conclusion.

The revered Italian producer, mixing and mastering engineer makes his abundant sonic expertise clear in this enticing LP. Encapsulating his talents, ‘Tornerò’ transports you to Ma Spaventi’s unmatched state of flow.



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