Marcello Giordani DJ feat. Fred Ventura

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Release date: October 13th 2022
Label: Slow Motion

Italo maestro Marcello Giordani shares the second slice of his upcoming LP “Advanced Process” delivering his signature, enticing approach to Italo Disco new and old.
We are given an insight into the producer’s abundant talent for driving warm basslines and infectious, glistening melodies.
Both vocal and instrumental versions drip with analogue warmth.
With crisp drum machines and soaring vocals from the legendary Fred Ventura throughout, ‘Mysterious Calls (In The Night)’ is a strong release laden with anguish for a missed joyride with Giordani along a moon lit Mediterranean coastline.

Slow Motion / Wrong Era head honcho Franz Scala changes the gear and ups the energy with a sizzling, pounding remix. A consistent driving bassline, pioneering percussion and intelligent synth lines reel you in from start to finish. Scala soundtracks the after-hours Marcello is driving to.



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