N.O.I.A. Looking for Love (Ajello Version)


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Release date: 2012-06-21
Label: Slow Motion
Catalog #: SLOMO009

As Ajello say:
“The idea for a cover version of N.O.I.A.’s 1983 hit “Looking For Love” was born a couple of years ago – an idea of Alessandro Piatto, younger brother of Davide Piatto, original member of N.O.I.A.
As soon as Alessandro proposed it, we asked whether we could have the original tracks but, unfortunately, they have been lost over the years. Immediately his brother Davide brought together the original lineup of N.O.I.A. and locked them up in the studio to record the voice from scratch and some of the synth parts. Our intervention was first on the drums, replacing the original for a more uptempo beat, and then the bassline, shaping it to a more modern sound. The vocals were treated with filters and echoes, and we also added some new guitar parts and synth lines. It was an honour to us, Ajello, to bring to light an Italo-disco classic that has really influenced us and we have put all our efforts to create a version that is timeless, as much as the original. ”

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