Populous & Protopapa – Pedro & Nina

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Release date: February 18th 2021
Label: Slow Motion

The concept of duality represents the core of this single.
Who is Pedro and who is Nina? Are they two different human beings or are they the same person? Is Pedro a man? And what about Nina? The only sure thing is that this is the first official release of Populous and Protopapa.
For years they were considered almost a single entity. A life-long relationship that goes beyond friendship, sharing different experiences: DJs, sound designers for fashion and queer activists.
A fraternal relationship born on the Apulian dancefloors and later developed to the international ones. Two musical planets that gradually became more and more aligned to each other finally becoming, with “Pedro” and “Nina”, superimposed. Leftfield techno, world music and psychedelia are the cosmic coordinates to understand where this journey leads.


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