Rodion & Mammarella – Appennini


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Release date: 2012-08-29
Label: Slow Motion
Catalog #: SLOMO010

The name ‘Appennini’ comes from the Italian mountains that split the country into two parts, but at the same time links Rome and Chieti where Rodion and Mammarella are from. The duo have an extensive collection of analog equipment which they have used to create the collection of tracks ranging from classic Roland Juno, Jupiter and Moog synthesizers, Oberheim & Veroma drum machines through to Roland Space Echo and Moogerfooger FX Units.
‘Escape From Kyoto’ opens the release, incorporating worldly percussion, a staggering arpeggiated bass hook and trippy lo-fi sonic tones creating a raw energetic movement. Subtle filter-modulation on the atmospheric elements make for a vacillating flow throughout the composition, while 80’s style synthesizers are worked in to the break giving off an effortlessly cool retro vibe. The vintage feel is further brought to fruition by working back in the rugged arp-line in combination with a vocoded spoken-word, further fuelling the old school aesthetic.
The ‘Alien Alien Dub’ version of ‘Escape From Kyoto’ strips back the more upfront feel of the original, giving off a slo-mo semblance. Intricate placements of big room reverb bursts and precise delays create an astonishing background depth. Bright synth stabs create a rolling melody, driving the track and invariably fluttering in pitch, to create an intense evolving feel.
‘Majella’ again captures the essence of Italo-Disco with an 8-bit electronica feel, rich synth lines full of depth play off each other, constructing delicate melodic intricacies in the arrangement. A simple yet fitting sturdy 4/4 drum pattern runs throughout allowing ample room for the euphonious elements to take the limelight. The Italian duo apply various production techniques to the sequences such as warbling tremolos, heavy choruses and filter sweeps fabricating a blossoming edginess on the track.
Rodion & Mammarella are heavily inspired by the sounds of Giorgio Moroder, Black Devil Disco Club, their beautiful surroundings and fine wine, this is portrayed beautifully through their tasteful disco music with class and intensity.

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