The Rimshooters – Deep Electric


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Release date: 2012-01-20
Label: Slow Motion
Catalog #: SLOMO008

Slow Motion family proudly presents The Rimshooters (Massimiliano Pagliara & Rotciv).
The name comes from a special obsession for rim shot drum sounds, typically found on famous and legendary Roland drum computers such as TR-808, 909, 707, which both of them had already used in their individual productions. The final result is a mixture of classic and vintage sounding tracks yet modern, through the use of old synthesizers and drum machines as well as software artifacts and techniques. Calling You leans heavily on excerpts from Answering Service’s classic “Mr. Telephone Man”, but The Shooters knits it into a brand new sweater, with added beefyness, lush strings and acid lines, turning out a hypnotic neo-acid chicago-stomper from this good old disco-groover. Deep Electric, well, obviously – deeper and more electric. Drenched in effects and thick 80s chord-stabs, it’s on the moving, yet a more introspective tip. Like On a Peacock Island brings a more mid-80s italo vibe to the stage, but steadily builds with the power and punch of the current decade. Last but not least, Fabrizio Mammarella version of Deep Electric whips up a wicked remix with his destinctive edgyness and demon-plagued synth aestethics. Starting off in a breaksy and, almost ravey 90s fashion, then gradually transforming into a more filthy discoid adventure, deep and rugged.
(Henning Telephone Severud, Berlin, Jan 2012)

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