System Olympia – Under My Eyes

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Release date: December 11th 2021
Label: Slow Motion

Following her astounding 2017 record “Dusk & Dreamland“, System Olympia is back with another profound EP.
Heartbreak – in between notes of resilience, fierceness, hidden strength, and ultimate love for life – shapes the four songs in “Under My Eyes”.
My Lincoln : Written together with DXJX, an upcoming, talented and mysterious producer from Los Angeles, CA. It’s a song that subliminally talks about the difficulty of deciphering life sometimes (and all of what’s inside it). The distance created by lack of communication. An ocean of tears. Digging the Earth for crystals and looking for signs in the stars. Surrendering to a universal confusion, and the ultimate freedom of allowing ourselves, to be ourselves. Disappearing forever. The eternal life of its own of the creations we leave behind.
Jade Stones : The intoxicating feeling of a dark dance floor that transcends time.
Nessuno Mi Ferma : No one can stop me. Survival instinct kicking in through the primordial rhythms of a 4/4 signature, and some chords so warm that feel like naked hugs coming to save you.
Low-Fi Space Cowboy : Elliott Yorke and his collective vibration resonance. Other-worldly light breaking the sky on a cloudy afternoon.

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