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Eugenio Altieri is a music producer and visual artist based in Shanghai.Born in Napoli, his music is a constant combination of human/machine where the lo-fi “field’ recordings are mixed with modern and retro music technologies, to create a unique and organic sound.beside Slow Motion, Eugenio is busy on several projects under a different alias, where he experiments multiple areas of sound with his own and craft approach. Half of “Destroys” together with his Chinese secret partner in crime, mixes sound inspired by 80’s sci-fi soundtracks and new wave atmospheres, with 80’s advertising samples. Sound Artist in “Sound Sessions” an international collective of sound and visual artists who experiment the sound limits in the space trough lives performances in different art galleries in Shanghai. More recently “Juno Ronin” an audio/visual project strictly inspired to Retro video games and 80s/90s Japanese Anime. Together with Slow Motion crew, he’s also behind “ITALIAN DANCE WAVE Asia” the party series hosted in many cities in Asia to promote the “New Italian Sound” from overseas, hosting all the contemporary generation of Italo artists, plus new and exciting Asian artists.

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