Andrea Tempo

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Andrea Tempo is one of the youngest and most romantic members of the new Italian scene. His music revels in the heady and vibrant soundscape of his country’s past, but remains focused on a modern vision of dance music. After moving to Bologna, he began to collect records obsessively and felt the only logical step for him would be to learn to mix himself. Before long, DJing became his purpose, a vein for his passions to flow through. Now as part of the notorious duo Cozmo Sphera, he plays all over the Italian circuit. Despite hitting clubbing hot spots in Bologna, Rome and Milano he’s never forgotten his roots and is still a regular at Pescara’s Tipografia. A recent collaboration with Oltrefuturo birthed Music of Primo. What they have produced together is the result of a shared vision; one where the amaranthine depths of ambient music meld seamlessly with vibrant disco patterns and classic house sensuality. A die hard member of the Slow Motion collective, he joins them firstly as a friend, then as a DJ, but most of all as a lover of what they stand for.

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