Bulma Brief

Selector and DJ originally from the Adriatic coast, Bulma Brief moved to Berlin in 2013 where, always passionate about music and clubbing, she began to explore this magical world made up of different contaminations. She currently lives in Milan where she works in fashion, in these years she collects records of everything she loves, from Hip Hop to Funk, from Disco to Acid House.

During her sets she likes to tell a story, a journey, with an 80’s sound characterized by vocals opposed to massive bass lines. she doesn’t like to define herself, she plays what she feels ‘regardless of the bpm the important thing is the groove’. She comes from the dancefloor and consequently her vision of clubbing is an exchange of energies, a connection, between who is in the console and who’s dancing.

In less than a year, her name appears regularly in the line up of the main clubs and events in Milan. She also has her own radio show called “Purple Haze”.

She’s just a slow motion girl living this fast life!💨


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