Claudio Chinotto


Claudio Chinotto is a Berlin based DJ, with a focus on the original 80s Italo Disco sound.

Originally coming from band music (he played bass guitar in an Indie Band), the discovery of Italo Disco was a revelation for him because it brings together the energy of electronic club music with his longtime love for catchy melodies and the specific 80s sound aesthetics.  

After five years of regularly attending Italo Parties and becoming more and more obsessed by the music, he finally started DJing in begin of 2022.

He always tries to find overseen original 80s Italo and Euro Disco gems and combine them with new Edits, Remixes and new productions that are committed to the Italo sound. Also he sometimes integrates Hi-NRG classics in his sets.

With his cheerful, pop-infused, but still energetic sets he gained attention very quickly in Berlin’s Italo Scene and fulfilled already two of his biggest dreams in his first DJ year: playing at Fusion Festival and KitKatClub’s “Disco Bizarre”.  

Claudio Chinotto also became part of the Slow Motion/Wrong Era Family and plays from time to time at their Berlin events.







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