Deux Control

Deux Control are Justine (Relish/Her Majesty Ship) and Rodion (Gomma/Slow Motion). French lady and Italian gentleman, partners in music and life, currently based in Roma. The two first met in London in 2016. Since then, their path led them through Berlin, Mexico City and Rome. After a series of sweaty live performances in Europe and Latin America, their debut album “Sex Miami” is out since January on the Swedish label Höga Nord Rekords. “Sex Miami”. Let those words melt into your soul like creamy, creamy pink ice cream in on your tongue. This album by Deux Control is a smooth genre crossover paradise of 808s, Yamaha keyboards and deep mesmerizing vocals side by side with more hardcore synth elements found in bands like DAF or Nitzer Ebb. Deux control’s sound is a mix your favorite soundtracks of electronic music with a large portion of body synth. It is sexy, cool, and a bit frightening. The music on “Sex Miami” is familiar and goes out to all listeners of all ages but especially to those in the French/Italian disco fandom out there. This is the kind of music an eighties international business traveller would listen when kicking back and clubbing after landing a fat new contract. Deux control is the act that got bumped from the Miami Vice soundtrack last minute because being a bit too edgy for mainstream USA. They are the group that Giorgio Moroder tried to copy when he wanted to update his sound. Deux Control are the new rulers of psychedelic electric body-disco!

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