E-bony, Naor Dayan an up-and-coming DJ and producer from Tel Aviv’s storied underground. He was born and raised in one of Tel-Aviv’s somewhat challenging areas and this got him fleeing to the city’s center at an early age. This is when he was exposed to Tel-Aviv’s electronic music scene and since then he has been climbing toward the most passionate interest his life: music, which has rapidly turned into his main career.

In his young career Naor quickly became one of the most important and prominent names of the scene, with residency of the infamous Alphabet Club and of the international well-known queer nights & label ‘PAG’.

In his productions and sets you can hear a combination of Techno, EBM and Electro.
2021 is expected to be a year with lots of new music coming out, fresh collaborations and a new radio show on ABC Radio.

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