Franz Scala

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Franz Scala’s sets are as diverse as the music he curates as label head of Slow Motion. Weaving smoothly between Italian Dance and Psychedelic Disco House, Franz quickly turns the dance floor into a vignette-tainted retro nostalgia rave fueled only by his music and liters of Cuba Libre he likes to consume whilst behind the decks. Born in Pescara, Italy and now a resident of Berlin for nearly a decade Franz has his roots in noise and industrial rock but was led by the record collectors passion into acquiring a taste for modern and not so modern dance floor music. He frequently inspires dancers in clubs all over Europe with his eclectic blend of spacey Electro, New Wave, Italo and Acid speckled with hints of Detroit and Chicago House. Franz also promotes many events around the german capital such as the monthly Wrong Era, Italian Dance Wave to Bar Noir parties, Magic Waves or New Dance Fantasy Festival. Away from the decks Franz has been busy in the studio releasing tracks on cult labels such as World Unknown, Bordello a Parigi, Tusk Wax or Discodromo’s Cocktail d’Amore Music. In 2013 he joined Dimitri SoEmotional in the “Studio Luce” project

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