Hara Katsiki

Hailing from Athens, Hara Katsiki brings a sophisticated sonic palette and perceptive ear to dance floors. Effortlessly sweeping you into the astral, Katsiki entwines her compelling cosmic selections with Italo, Cosmic Disco, Indie-Dance, New Beat, Techno, Synth-Wave and infatuating rarities. She is a member of the Berlin-based label Wrong Era Records, a sub-label from Slow Motion Records and a dependable force within Berlin’s revered scene, which she now calls home.  With regular slots at the formidable likes of Panorama bar, Renate, About Blank and KitKat Club, she is a strong figure within the nocturnal city and parties across the globe.

Hara is carrying – besides her extrasensory abilities – a Universal understanding about music and like a modern shaman, she is weaving a thread between sound and space-time creating a metagalactic cosmos, bringing a sophisticated sonic palette and perceptive ear to dancefloors.

With an impressive, multi-disciplinary past within the creative industries, the former model, stylist and art director channels her abundant passion into intuitive, sensational mixes. It is no mystery that aside from DJing, she is a Quantum Healer. It is clear that Hara delicately weaves this approach into her selections, presenting an enticing and alluring journey mindful of its surroundings.

Carefully chosen, warming gems fill her sets which lie within the realms of Balearic, Cosmic and Italo Disco. Katsiki explores the darker side of these genres but is not limited to them, driving you into an encapsulating ethereal experience. Powerful acoustic percussion, warm growling basslines and shimmering synths are a constant. With the gifted ability to take you on an interstellar journey through time and space, Hara Katsiki propels you into her starlit world.

Italo /// Indie Dance /// Dark Disco /// HI-NRG /// Slow n Low /// Industrial /// New Beat /// Techno /// Synthwave /// Balearic /// Ambient //

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