Hara Katsiki

Hara Katsiki is not your typical DJ. The Berlin-based talent is an artist who hails from Athens, armed with such a background , that she can now be called a true shapeshifter.

Hara is a transformation and illusion addict, much like a chameleon. Her petite frame and gentle personality belie her bold and daring character that has taken her on numerous adventures with great opulence.

Hara hails from Greece and began her career as a model before pursuing roles as a stylist and art director, but her insatiable appetite for creative expression wasn’t satisfied. So her wanderlust skyrocketed her to a whole new city to fuel her creative fires.

These days, Hara calls Berlin home, and since moving here, she has been multiple times awarded and gained a reputation for her artistry as well as becoming a highly sought-after DJ for industry and fashion events therefor quickly establishing herself as one of the foremost Berlin city DJs. With a universal and intuitive understanding about music, her cosmic & exotic sounds, have been described to combine a joie de vivre and whimsy, with an eclectic and dreamy approach, fashioning her wildly fascinating inner world.

Hara is a DJ known for her genre-zigzag mixes. Somewhat of an mystery, she is now a quantum healer and hypnotherapist by day and space disco starseed by night! 

Her dance sets, are reinventing the borders between Electronic & Disco.Traveling through time and space,  layering synthetic sounds, acoustic percussions and analog synths, proppeling our ears into a perpetual shimmery universe, alternating between clubbing and ethereal music. A wild ride through cosmic and balearic ,lost downtempo dance and oddball obscurities – perfectly suited for starlight listening.

Her always stellar mixes are a glimpse of daydream in our queasy planet. Let her hypnotize you.




Slow n Low /// space beats /// balearic /// dark & modern day disco /// Italo /// Slo mo /// Chillwave /// Retrowave /// ambient //







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