Italian Dance Wave

Italian Dance Wave consists of the three DJs S.Lower, Lupo Manero and Lorenza Laserstein. Flourishing in the Cosmos of Berlin/Chieti collective and label Slow Motion/ Wrong Era they defined their sound by guidance of scene heroes like Giulia Gutterer, Franz Scala, Hara Katsiki or Fabrizio Mammarella. Be alert they gonna make big waves. Big Italian Dance Waves flushing over you.​


“DJ Band, DJ Band, I like you DJ Band. DJ Band, DJ Band, I love you DJ Band.” goes one cheesy Italo Hit from the 80s. This describes pretty well the feeling you will get while seeing this “DJ Band” playing. Consisting of the three talented DJs S.Lower, Lupo Manero and Lorenza Laserstein, Italian Dance Wave will make dancefloors shake in no time. Always in movement the three DJs bring a rapid mix and change of music with them, each of them having a unique sound to bring in. The spectacular fabric these three unique styles create woven together is fascinating. Do not miss out when they bring your local club to the boil. Looking back on several gigs in Renate, Urban Spree, Arkaoda Berlin, Crack Bellmer and festivals like Fusion Festival they also bring the necessary experience to read a crowd and their vibe and adjust to the needs of the dancers in a way they (the dancers) might not even themselves have anticipated, but love!








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