Lorenza Laserstein

Lorenza Laserstein has been a Berlin artist and DJ for about 10 years now. Starting out with DJing on homeparties of friends in the mondane Berlin district Charlottenburg, he soon got in touch with partycollectives and organisers of open airs and raves. Mentionable here is the Kanvas Collective organising events in off-locations all over Berlin. Notable were also the regular gigs at Mein Haus am See and An Einem Sonntag im August. After some international liasions DJing in Maroccos Tanger Inn and Colombia, he finally arrived at Slow Motion/Wrong Era now playing regularly in the Sailor Of Wrong Era Boat Parties and different events all over Berlin. Lorenza Lasersteins sound covers a wide variety of genres reaching from Hip Hop to Gabber, mostly specialized in House, Techno, EBM and (Italo-) Disco. This eclecticism enables him to always be able to read and react to the crowd in order to produce pure moments of joy, aswell as pleasant surprises.


As a producer of music Lorenza Laserstein sticks with his roots in House and Techno styles from the Berlin underground scene, yet also making some exploration of Italo-Disco and EBM sounds from the 80s. The edit of Italo-Disco legend Topo “Ba Ba Go Go” is the most succesful tune until now. But there are more tracks with a considerable depth to be found on his Soundcloud page. For example the technoid Industrial self-released EP “Dark Nebula” or the housy “Hi” EP, also self-released. You better watch out for upcoming stuff as, after a longer creative break over the lockdown, he is now back with new creative energy thanks to his new surroundings at Slow Motion/Wrong Era.







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