Luca dell’Orso

Luca dell’Orso is best known for his unique interpretation of Italo Disco, Wave and Electro. Luca likes his music snappy and raw: character & authenticity are keywords in his book. The Dutchman started producing music around 2015 and with well received releases on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, XXX, Red Laser Records, SoHaSo he’s rapidly is making a name for himself in the underground dance scene.

For both his DJ sets and his own productions, Luca tends to alternate between melancholy and the well-known joyous melodies of Italo Disco. Even though Luca’s focus is rather niche his music has frequently been played by some of most well-known artists in the dance scene like The Blessed Madonna, Dixon, Ame and Perel.

Apart from is solo work, Luca is co-initiator and curator of the Nijmegen based Italo/electro-inspired club night TUTTI.







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