Marching Machines


Imagine, in a factory all machines and computers come to life at night and unleash their own music. Marching around with military precision, they draw inspiration from the dirtiest corners of the factory. They are creating snares like a slicer, belt driven arps, bassdrums high on fresh oil and synths full of emotions, which cut you deeper than your first broken heart. These sounds are telling the story about their monotonous march.

You’re digging this… For real? We have to disappoint you…

Marching Machines is a Belgian duo with a musical history that spans over more than two decades. Their love for electronic machine manipulation is key and have their output on labels like Correspondant, Rotten City Files, Opilec-music, Why people dance, Nein and Wrong Era records.

One operator in service is Dimitri Andreas, a producer whose chronicles go back to the early 2000’s, with a wide range of works that vary from leftfield electronica and Belgian pop, to tailormade music for contemporary ballet performances. He speaks Wooky fluently and he’s a master in soap carving. You’ll find his

sold a synth to fund a tree hugger workshop on the island state of Yap.

The other operator is Ghent based Spacid, a well-known DJ/promoter who has been active in Belgium’s underground scene for more than two decades. He is the former boss of Radius records and re-released Italo disco in the early millennium. Next to his love for music, Spacid loves green beans and koala bears. He’s feeling judge-y when he finds the time to dust off his vinyl stock and he is an avid collector of in-flight sick bags. In 2014, he won the prestigious Tuvaluan Lacemaking championship in and is also an amateur surgeon.

Isn’t that awesome?

Together they do their stubborn thing. In a strange and inspiring way, they complement each other in their quest for innovation. They’re exploring the boundaries of Electro, Dark disco, Italo and EBM, topped with a Belgian old skool New beat vibe.

Welcome to the machine!

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