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PCL is serious about classic Italo Disco plus Hi-NRG and right on mark with his quote:
“Cowbells make the people dance”.

He is a geek for 80s synthesizers, warm synth pads, a reverb on the snare and sweet hooklines. Accordingly his debut EP on Wrong Era contains only synth and drum sounds from 80s equipment plus a dazzling collaboration with the notorious retro wave singer JJ Mist.
As one half of the Italo Disco DJ duo Audio Vacanze PCL is always on the scout to combinate the songs of the music’s golden decade with the juicy pieces of today.

He served his widely varied music taste inter alia for the furious Sailors of Wrong Era and the frequent Memory Dance parties. Further gigs at Renate, Kit Kat, Zur Klappe, About Blank, Crack Bellmer, Urban Spree.

PCL is real Berliner and therefore strongly influenced by Techno of the late 90s and early 00s.
Back then Electro Clash was a huge thing likewise and an enlightenment moment for him.
Deeply moved by those sounds he went down to the root of it all which is obviously to be found in the electronic dance music of the 80s.

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