Sauvage World

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Luc Sauvage and Michele Tessadri met in Berlin: that wasn’t difficult considering that at the time they were both regulars of the Berliner underground electronic scene. After a few casual meetings and exchanges of ideas, they discovered that they shared the same musical tastes and a like-minded approach to music: Sauvage World was born. They begun djing together at various parties held at big and small Berliner venues – basically everywhere they could express their unconventional and out of schemes djing attitude: with their djsets they deliver a hybrid sound resulting into a powerful yet very diverse musical journey. At the time of their meeting they were both producing under other monikers: with their previous projects they released original production/remixes and edits under various aliases on different labels such as Nang, Under The Shade, Slow Motion, Cliché Breaks and Passport To Paradise to name just a few. The natural consequence was starting a joint production venture in which they could blend their influences and lay out dancefloor oriented music difficult to tag under a genre. Their Slow Motion ‘s debut track Soft Mechanics has received enthusiastic feedback from Dj’s all around the world. For the near future expect more synth oriented and sweaty machine driven electronica.
Photo by Christian Passeri
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