∆∆∆ Wrong Era ∆∆∆

Fringe Society *LIve (Wrong Era, Relish)
Carolain Luf (Olympe Fatale)
Franz Scala (Slow Motion, Wrong Era)

” Spaced out timeless grooves, set in an era that time forgot.. ”

Artwork by Guillaume Jolicoeur

Venue –>
∆∆∆ Diskothek Melancholie 2 ∆∆∆
How to find Wrong Era at Diskothek Melancholie:
the entrance is on Brückenstrasse 1 next door to KitKat Club.
Cross the KK queue and enter the Späti, open the secret fridge-door and discover the world of Wrong Era!

“Reply with full name to info@slowmotionmusic.it for a spot on the member list”

If you start the night early with us you can pay half the price before midnight!

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