Italian Dance Wave – Disco Sei

  • Release date: 2017-10-21
  • Label: Slow Motion
  • Catalog #: SLOMO033

Four slow-burning bombs that perfectly encapsulate how far that Slow Motion, slo-mo sound can be stretched. Featuring artists old as Alien Alien (Rodion & Hugo Sanchez) and Lerosa and new as Stoned Immaculate (Leo Mas & Fabrice and Max Essa) and Kassiel, Slow Motion drop the energy down a notch or two but not the emotion. Just as suitable for an early morning run as they are for a Balearic sunset, this four tracker has got essential written all over it.

A1 Alien Alien – Sambaca (DJ Athome Remix)
A2 Lerosa – Ritmo
B1 Stoned Immaculate – The Spice (Flying Men Mix)
B2 Kassiel – West Hills

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